Difficult Process Service

Difficult Process Service

Do you have a difficult service? Is the subject evading other servers? Have they simply vanished into thin air? No problem. We can help.

When someone doesn’t want to be found, and the regular process servers aren’t getting it done, we are ready with specialized techniques, technology, skills and experience that have a far better chance of getting the job done quickly and effectively.

Most process servers will make a few attempts at the last known residence and then file a one-line report. It’s pretty clear, either the person was served or not served.

If you have someone that needs to be served, but they are being evasive, or haven’t been heard from for long period of time, most often process servers are not going to go out of there way to hunt down the individual and find out where they are.

DON’T try to go through it alone.  Get the toughest representation and guidance. Contact Peterson Investigations to have a professional get you the results you need.

Peterson Investigations is prepared to assist with the most difficult of skip tracing and process services. From witnesses and debtors that don’t want to be found, to restraining orders that need to be handled by a professional process server with bearing and command presence we can assist you. Our investigators are extremely skilled at process service and can work with you or your firm to ensure that all of the proper steps are taken so that your service is handled quickly and professionally.
We use techniques and equipment that other company’s don’t.

Tough Cases

We live and breathe difficult cases, and getting a subject to surface can be difficult. Fortunately, we have the technology and techniques that can help:

• Hidden remote-monitored cameras that can watch a subject’s residence or workplace.
• Real-life disguises such as cable repairmen, trash workers and other believable impersonations.
• Real-Time DMV Access for identifying owners of vehicles in-field.
• Financial data and last known travel data.
• Spoofing known associates and family members
• Federal and State Aid Information
• And much more

We have the network and the resources to find ANYONE.

With our extensive resources in intelligence and law enforcement and network of agents all over the country and the world, Peterson Investigations can help find anyone. Regardless of the reason, Peterson Investigations stands ready to bring all of our resources to bear on your case:

• Proprietary databases (not available to the public)
• Law enforcement records
• Financial history
• Recent rental history and utility history
• Access to known associates and family members
• Frequent flyer data
• Foreign travel databases
• And much more

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