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You need to know that everything is running smoothly and there is no room for errors. Every business needs to conduct business investigations from time to time. Investigations are critical in preventing fraud, embezzlement, and ensuring operations are in compliance with laws. Through thoroughly executed business investigations, a company’s management team is able to make informed decisions regarding proprietary rights, partnerships, and mergers. Investigations can cover everything from financial searches, business operations, employee checks, to intellectually property violation. If your business is in need of any of the services mentioned above, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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Surveillance is a commonly used tool by Law Enforcement and Private Investigators across America. Surveillance can take on many forms and is usually used to further an ongoing investigation. Surveillance can be a very effective tool for the investigator but it requires many hours of training and hands on experience before one becomes proficient in the art.

Background Investigations

Reference and background inquiries allow an employer to verify information provided by the applicant. Companies who make proper and judicious use of the information gathered as a result of a thorough background investigation typically reduce exposure to employee fraud, theft, embezzlement, turnover, unqualified employees, negligent hiring claims and violence in the workplace.


Locates (for court cases, family members etc.)

Finding people is an investigator’s job. Finding a person’s current residence or work address is a type of investigation frequently requested by lawyers, insurance companies and private parties. Many locate investigations involve serving legal papers, such as divorce and child support documents, insurance claims, civil Summons and subpoenas, and small claims court papers.

Difficult Process Service

‘Process’ refers to legal documents that must be physically presented to a person or legal entity in order to summon them to court (depending on the jurisdiction). Subjects who are involved in litigation can be highly evasive and uncooperative. As such, the serving of process is often easier said than done.

Criminal Case work

Our Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of former Police Detectives, Federal Agents, and Criminal Investigators. By utilizing their knowledge, experience, and tactics, our team can investigate complex criminal matters in an effort to solve your case. Our criminal detectives apply the same investigative techniques law enforcement agencies use and we offer these services to the private sector. Our agency does not conduct investigations like criminal pursuit movies. We have the ability, expertise, and contacts to collaborate with active law enforcement departments to help you find peace of mind.

Civil Case work

Busy court dockets can result in years passing before cases can get to trial. Legal fees and expenses for a trial can total tens of thousands of dollars. Trial requires intense involvement of the parties at great emotional cost, as well as prolonged periods of time away from work and family. Trials are risky, with outcomes in the hands of a judge or jury. Trials are open proceedings which can be viewed by the general public and covered by the media.


Lawyers hire private investigators to find potential witnesses and interview them because it is cheaper for the client to pay the investigator than it is to pay the lawyer. Once the private investigator finds a witness with information valuable to an investigation, then the lawyer may schedule what is known as a deposition for the witness. A deposition is a statement made by a witness under oath. His statement is either written or documented via a tape or video recorder. These recordings can then be used in court at a future time.

Polygraph Exam (Lie Detector)

Today, polygraph examiners focus on biometric measures to identify when someone isn’t telling the truth. There are a minimum of three channels on a polygraph (pneumograph, which measures breathing; cardiograph, which measures heartrate; and galvanic skin responses). These three channels together have a proven accuracy rate of 90% in determining whether or not someone is lying.

Workplace Theft

More and more, individuals are facing increased financial pressures; which leads to a sharp spike in all areas of crime and litigious behavior. As individuals struggle with foreclosures, layoffs, rising expenses, increasing medical costs, and more interpersonal stress, these factors increase the chance that employees will steal from employers, or leave the company taking company assets or other sensitive information with them. Expect IP theft and identity theft to reach record highs in the coming year, and take additional precautions to protect your business’ most valuable assets.

Workplace Violence

According to The Society for Human Resource Management Workplace Violence Survey, in the year 1996 66% of all companies do background investigation to their newly hires. This figure ballooned up to 96% currently where all Human Resource professionals admitted that they conduct a thorough background investigation for pre-employment purposes.

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