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When you don’t know where to turn to handle sensitive issues pertaining to you or your family, you will be relieved to know that the detectives at Peterson Investigations genuinely care about your family and will go to any length to help you. Our previous performance history has earned us a reputation for coming through in a clutch. We handle routine investigations and high-profile cases that demand the best investigative skills, with proven results.

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Private surveillance is an important component of many private investigation case assignments. Some would consider surveillance as a kind of art or science because it takes a certain talent to watch and listen to suspects without their knowledge. Often times, surveillance counts as a large part of collecting information about a specific target, whether it is a person, place or thing. For the most part, surveillance is captured through audio recordings, video recordings and even still pictures taken with a camera.

Background Investigations

If you do not want to check all these different sources or you are not one hundred percent sure which locations an individual may have records I would recommend using a background check subscription database. We use these on a regular basis because they compile records nationally in one database. It saves a tremendous amount of time and that way we are sure we have not missed a possible source of information. Be sure to check out any database you are considering using as there are many with limited sources. They should always provide you with preliminary results as no cost.


Locates (for court cases, family members etc.)

Finding people is an investigator’s job. Finding a person’s current residence or work address is a type of investigation frequently requested by lawyers, insurance companies and private parties. Many locate investigations involve serving legal papers, such as divorce and child support documents, insurance claims, civil Summons and subpoenas, and small claims court papers.

Difficult Process Service

Peterson Investigations is prepared to assist with the most difficult of skip tracing and process services. From witnesses and debtors that don’t want to be found, to restraining orders that need to be handled by a professional process server with bearing and command presence we can assist you. Our investigators are extremely skilled at process service and can work with you or your firm to ensure that all of the proper steps are taken so that your service is handled quickly and professionally.

Criminal Case work

Law enforcement has been working with private investigators for decades. Oftentimes, when police departments are overworked or understaffed, they tap some trusted private investigators to help uncover evidence for unsolved cases to fast track the delivery of justice. More so, having a new set of trained eyes to look over existing data can prove useful in seeing patterns that weren’t obvious to the police officers who’ve gathered them.

Civil Case work

When it comes to legal action against individuals, a distinction usually has to be made between civil and criminal action. Civil cases often involve injuries and damage caused through an accident, reckless behavior, or negligence on the part of another person. Civil cases typically involve the punitive measures like fines and required payments to compensate injured persons for the damage caused.


Interviewing occupies a major portion of the typical private investigator’s day, and is one of their most important tasks. Good interviewing generates the greatest amount of information in the least possible time, causes no-one aggravation, and helps wind up a case quickly and efficiently.

Polygraph Exam (Lie Detector)

As a private investigator the polygraph is an excellent tool to have, I have found over the years that more and more clients require their partners tested. This is probably due to the fact that more and more TV shows use it and the public are more aware it is available to everyone and not out of their reach.

Workplace Theft

More and more, individuals are facing increased financial pressures; which leads to a sharp spike in all areas of crime and litigious behavior. As individuals struggle with foreclosures, layoffs, rising expenses, increasing medical costs, and more interpersonal stress, these factors increase the chance that employees will steal from employers, or leave the company taking company assets or other sensitive information with them. Expect IP theft and identity theft to reach record highs in the coming year, and take additional precautions to protect your business’ most valuable assets.

Workplace Violence

Whether company America is willing to return to grips with this reality or not, workplace violence is comparatively common within the trendy geographical point. Surveys show that up to twenty-seven % of U.S. employees report experiencing abusive conduct at work. Twenty-one % expertise having witnessed this sort of aggressive behavior or violence within the geographical point.

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