Hire a Professional Orange County Private Investigator

  • Post last modified:December 1, 2023

Peterson Investigations is a full-service, licensed Orange County private investigation firm that has been conducting professional investigations and surveillance in Orange County, California for over 20 years.  Our team is led by Eric Peterson, an experience Orange County private investigator,  and consists of highly skilled, highly trained professional investigators. All of our investigators are specialists who possess the highest training, expertise, ethical standards, and professional backgrounds who have been in the field for years. We combine the latest state of the art technology and training with old school investigative techniques to ensure accurate and complete results.

Our cases have been covered by national news networks, even as our clients and their information have remained confidential. We frequently update our clients with status and progress reports throughout the investigative process. We supply our findings to our clients in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Our goal is to conduct all of our cases with diligence, insight, prudence, and professionalism.

As an Orange County based private investigations agency, most of our cases originate in California, however, much of our work takes us out of state and even internationally.  Clients come to Peterson Investigations with a wide range of needs from personal to professional.

Our domestic cases involving infidelity and child custody make up the majority of our daily case load.  Over the years, we have helped countless individuals catch unfaithful partners through swift and effective investigations using proven techniques that not only produce answers, but evidence that holds up in court.  For child custody, we help insure that our clients retain custody of their children, and that they are safe during the process.

Peterson’s corporate investigations vary widely from deep background checks during pre-employment screenings, to extensive corporate espionage investigations that take months or even years to complete.  Peterson Investigations can combine services from its Protection & Security division to also provide a range of security services when needed.  Some corporate cases begin with a simple investigation into missing inventory and turn into a need for security guards, cameras, and other asset retention measures.  Peterson Investigations can provide all of these services under one roof, making us a true partner with each and every client’s individual needs, and the ability to rectify seemingly impossible situations.

With an astounding commitment to customer service, most of our clients have been with us for years.  If you happen to be new to Peterson Investigations, great! We are here to help.  Getting started is much simpler that you might expect.  Simply pick up the phone and contact us here and you will be transferred directly to one of our senior investigators.  Your conversation will remain confidential between you and the PI, and leave you with clear answers about what to do next.  Many of our calls end with some simple advice, without the need for our services.